• About us

    So, you are looking for a cleaning company?

    Right here is a good place to start. We are specialized in residential, house & flat cleaning and can do commercial or office cleaning if requested. Our always professional attitude enable us to make cleaning a good experience for the customer. If you are, also, in the need of buying cleaning supplies, we can help you.

    Our aim is to provide a service exceeding Customer expectations by continual self improvement.

    House cleaning | Office cleaning


    Why should you render the cleaning services?

    • We offer professional and economical cleaning services;
    • We face up to the cleaning services performed;
    • Our employees are carefully selected, well trained and reliable persons;
    • We use high quality technology and products;
    • Our prices are flexible and advantageous;
    • You will get a correct price for the cleaning services required and you can be trustful that your money are used on your own interest;
    • The team is looked after by a reliable and trained person;
    • A competitive management in order to maintain the high standards of the cleaning services required;
    • The company’s employees wear specific equipment;
    House cleaning | Office cleaning
  • House cleaning

    Your house is one of your biggest investments. Keep it in a good shape with Asii-Curateniei cleaning services.

    • Vacuum carpets and upholstery;
    • Dust walls;
    • Clean and disinfect toilet, tile walls and bathtubs;
    • Clean and disinfect shower and shower doors, sinks and counters;
    • Dust and clean furniture and office devices using special solutions;
    • Clean exterior of large appliances;
    • Internal cleaning of large appliances performed only at request;
    • Empty Trash;
    • Vacuum, mop and dry hard floor surfaces.


    Tel.: 0722 628 084


  • Office cleaning

    Most people today spend much time at the office than they do at home. So, it is very important to have the office environment well maintained. We work closely with our clients to determine there needs and ensure they have one less thing to worry about.

    • Clean stairs and elevator;
    • Vacuum and wash floors, carpets and upholstery;
    • Clean entrance and reception area;
    • Dust and polish all furniture;
    • Clean office devices;
    • Sanitize all lavatory fixtures, sinks, partitions, walls, etc;
    • Wash windows both inside and out ( only if accessible );
    • Gather, collect and remove trash;


    Tel.: 0722 628 084


  • After redecoration cleaning

    Large areas can be professionally cleaned using specialist access equipment, together with paint and plaster removal - leaving new premises ready to move in.

    • Post-construction cleanup;
    • Clean, sweep, mop & vacuum all floors and carpets;
    • Clean mirrors or any other glass items;
    • Scrub and polish tile walls, faucets/sinks/shower heads;
    • Clean windows both inside and out (ledges, frames included);
    • Remove recent stains;
    • Scrub and disinfect toilets, tubs, showers, sinks & counters;
    • Empty Trash;
    If you are a construction company or building owner who is finishing up construction on a new building, you need a quality cleaning company to prepare the building for it's official opening.


    Tel.: 0722 628 084


  • Floor treatments

    To protect, to prevent, to preserve from the stain penetration caused by damp, oil, fat. These are very important words in the stone sector.

    • We polish marble, granite and natural stone surfaces;
    • We crystallize marble surfaces;
    • We waterproof granite, marble, natural stone and ceramics tile using impregnating sealers to protect stone against water, oil, alimentary grease and humidity penetration and giving a natural or an attractive wet look effect;
    • Special maintenance treatment for PVC floor and linoleum.


    Tel.: 0722 628 084


  • Portfolio



    • After redecoration cleaning services performed in two blocks of flats – total surface cleaned 15.000 sqm
    • Granite impregnation services – total surface 1000 sqm;


    • After redecoration cleaning services performed in a block of flats – total surface cleaned 5000 sqm;


    • Marble pickling, crystallizing and polishing services – total surface 1200 sqm;


    • Comprehensive cleaning services – collaboration from 2008 - 2019;


    • After redecoration cleaning services – total surface cleaned 1000 sqm;

    Unikexpert Construct SRL

    • After redecoration cleaning services – total surface cleaned 2000 sqm;


    • Cleaning services performed during exhibition – collaboration from 2008 - 2019;


    • After redecoration cleaning services - total surface cleaned 2500 sqm;

    Targul de Securitate

    • Cleaning services performed during exhibition


    Tel.: 0722 628 084


  • Special offers

    • Ironing clothes services – prices from 57 lei + VAT/session;
    • Professional carpet cleaning (surfaces over 200 sqm) – 3 lei + VAT/sqm.
    Professional carpet cleaning will help improve the appearance carpet by removing stains, eliminating pet odours and extracting ground in soil. These soil particles have sharp, jagged edges that will wear against carpet like sandpaper, causing premature fabric wear.


    Tel.: 0722 628 084


  • Online cleaning service quote

    Complete the form below to receive a personalized estimate. Our representative will be contacting you within one day to schedule your appointment.


    Tel.: 0722 628 084


  • Contact

    CUI RO 2547874
    J 23/979/2018
    Str. Sf. Vasile, loc. Popesti Leordeni, jud. Ilfov 

    Telefon: 0722 62 80 84

    E-mail: office@asii-curateniei.ro


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    Tel.: 0722 628 084


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